“The truth is there”, a video by Irina Gabiani, 2012

Picture 3


Picture 1“The truth is there” 2012 ©

Voice: Ivan Adorno

Text: Rumi

Editing: David Djindjikhachvili


The truth is there in front of me,

a fire on the left, a lovely stream on the right.

One group walks towards the fire, into the fire,

another toward the sweet flowing water.

No one knows which are blessed and which not.

Whoever walks into the fire appears suddenly in the stream.

A head goes under the water surface,

that head pokes out of the fire.

Most people guard against going into the fire,

and so end up in it.

Those who love the water of pleasure

and make it their devotion, are cheated with this reversal.

The trickery goes further.

The voice of the fire tells the truth saying,

I am not fire.

I am fountainhead.

Come into me and don’t mind the sparks.



Art for freedom, Saakashvili Presidential Library, Tbilisi, Georgia 2014

Irina Gabiani: “Unknown world”, Georgian National Museum of Art, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2012

Le 3 du Trois, Irina Gabiani: Slow movements, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Luxembourg, 2012



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