Neither a beginning, nor an end , a video by Irina Gabiani 2014

Picture 6 Frame from the video “Neither beginning , nor an end”, 2014 ©

A video by: Irina Gabiani

Actors: Nicole Adorno, Ivan Adorno

Voice: Ivan Adorno

Editing: David Gabriel

Text: Kabir


Having crossed the river,
where will you go, O friend?
There’s no road to tread,
No traveler ahead,
Neither a beginning, nor an end.
There’s no water, no boat, no boatman, no cord;
No earth is there, no sky, no time, no bank, no ford.
You have forgotten the Self within,
Your search in the void will be in vain;
In a moment the life will ebb
And in this body you won’t remain.
Be ever conscious of this, O friend,
You’ve to immerse within your Self;
Kabir says, salvation you won’t then need,
For what you are, you would be indeed.


Le 3 du Trois, Irina Gabiani: Videos and works, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Luxembourg, 2015

Irina Gabiani solo show – Recent videos at Geogian National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2015

HearteartH, BERLINER LISTE 2016 | Kraftwerk Berlin, Germany 2016

HearteartH, Medienwerkstatt Bethanien, Berlin 2016

HearteartH, [.BOX], the videoart project space of VisualContainer  Milan, Italy 2016

HearteartH, Group Global 3000, Berlin, Germany 2016

HearteartH, International Videoart Project from Berlin, VisualContainerTV, Milan, Italy 2017


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